Power Yoga Classes

Park Yoga

Park Yoga to connect people to the natural outdoors, through a relaxing, energizing and breathtaking yoga session. We feel fresh air in park while doing the Yoga & mediation. You can feel the nature with yoga in the park. If you will go to the park yoga then you have to move from the house then also your fat burn by running till reached the park yoga.

Here Are some Amazing Benefits of Yoga
  • Builds muscle strength
  • Perfects your posture
  • Protects your spine
  • Betters your bone health
  • Increases your blood flow
  • Ups your heart rate
  • Drops your blood pressure
  • Regulates your adrenal glands
  • Lowers blood sugar
  • Improves your Body & Mind balance
Noted:- All asana should be under a Certified Yoga Trainer .