Yoga classes at Home

Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga

Yoga has many definitions, but Yoga is more than just about the practice, it is a feeling you take with you forever to maintain your calm. It is, in fact, a joyful activity to reunite the souls!

In this uptight world of social upheavals, emotional outbursts, and stubborn attitude, gain some flexibility in your life by practicing the ancient art of Yoga. Advance your understanding of yoga asanas by adopting a dedicated approach of self-practice and determination.

Prenatal Yoga is for women at any stage of pregnancy to join together with other women during this exciting time in life. Postnatal (aka “Mommy & Baby Yoga”) is for women who have recently given birth — attend class with or without your child. Both of these classes contain a community element where you’ll have the opportunity to talk about your experiences before and after you give birth.